10 ideas for birth gifts under 20 euros


As a birth approaches, it's always the same puzzle to find the original birth gift at an affordable price but above all that will be useful. A 100th cuddly toy, a birth book, clothes that are probably too big and even sometimes too small... and if we change a little?

You can always pick from the parents' birth list or use your handyman skills by making a personalized birth gift yourself. But if you are not lucky enough to be a DIY pro, there are many brands that have won us over. So just for you, here are 10 gift ideas for less than 20 euros that will certainly have an effect.

1. BBuble bracelet

Our selection begins with a favorite brand: Bbule , which offers personalized gifts. With screen-printed letters, you can customize your gift with the first name of the little one's arrival. These pretty handcrafted jewels are made with love, which makes them the perfect birth gift!


2. A personalized bib

This is an original and thoughtful birth gift! The baby bib is of course a must. Our selection could therefore not miss it. The Ourson Câlin brand manufactures attractive, personalized and easy-care bibs.


3. The multifunctional accessory " Guardian Angel "

Another essential to add to the lists of future parents. This childcare accessory is available in two sizes, it can be used as an extra blanket, bib, cuddly toy, deckchair protector, breastfeeding blanket or stroller umbrella.


4. A pacifier clip

Another very practical accessory for which the parents concerned will be eternally grateful to you. This birth gift will spare them the sometimes endless search for their babies' pacifiers. The brand les petits mâchouilleurs offers you customizable models that make this "sacred" object an original birth gift.

pacifier clip

The bath towel

We no longer present her to you, queen of well-being and comfort, you have certainly come across her on the back of one of these little bits of cabbage. There are all shapes and colors, there is something for everyone. At Looping, we literally fell in love with this magnificent Vertbaudet fox bath cape !

baby bathrobe

6. A music Box

Music boxes for babies are wonderful birth gifts. These pretty poetic objects will soothe children by combining calm and tenderness.

7. A teether rattle

It's a safe bet, this little birth gift is adored by babies. You will fall for this rabbit rattle with its simple and refined design .

baby rattle

8. A panty harness made in France

To learn to walk, this learning harness will make life easier for parents and children. No more effort for parents and free for baby to use these arms. Bambisol offers you this birth gift at a very reasonable price. Entirely manufactured in workshops in Montauban, they demonstrate high quality. In addition, Bambisol offers a complete range of childcare products 100% made in France.


9. picture books to entertain baby

This birth gift will allow future parents to channel their babies before they start their nights. Gallimard's My animated image collection offers several beautifully illustrated themes.


10. A night light with timer

Perfectly adapted to children, the night lights of A Little Lovely Company combine fun shapes and pastel colors to decorate children's rooms in an original and functional way. Add to that the product is equipped with a 'timer' function and switches off after 15 minutes.


In the same way soft music , night lights will help baby fall asleep. To learn more about how to put baby to sleep with music click here.

And a little bonus, but not the least: the Squizz stroller !

Even if its price goes beyond 20 euros, a compact stroller remains the ideal birth gift! In order not to ruin yourself, you can consider a common pot with your friends to make the greatest happiness of future parents. This stroller is easy to fold and store. It thus adapts to all their needs and moments of life. Added to this, the stroller is usable from birth and has many details designed to improve its use.


Lightweight and foldable with one hand, it makes life easier for parents!

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