Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&
Magic Mat : le tapis d&

Magic Mat multilingual interactive activity mat

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The Magic Mat brings together interaction, education and sustainability in the form of a pretty map that arouses baby's curiosity and passion. This awakening mat (also acting as a puzzle and activity mat) can be used from birth without age limit , and with several levels of difficulty . 

Interactive and musical Without waves Compliance with European standards

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- Generates sound, information and music to promote interaction and learning
- 4 game difficulties:
• Step 1: marvel at the colors
• Step 2: discover the animals and the world
• Step 3: answer the riddles
• Step 4: learn new languages
- 3 languages: French, English and Spanish
- Foam mat for baby's comfort and safety
- Assembled dimensions: 121 x 121 x 1 cm
- Folded dimensions: 41.5 cm x 41.5 cm x 9 cm
- Net weight (Mat + pen + cable + card): 1.5 kg
- Washable with clear water and sponge

Composition: EVA subject to CE standard according to the EN71 Toy Directive. Also complies with European REACH regulations.

Please download the following file to update the Magic Mat pen software

Pen Update Instructions

Please follow the video instructions to update the pen.

  1. Click on the link above (available here ) to download the update
  2. Check that the stylus is off, unscrew the cover where the batteries are located using the screwdriver and remove the batteries
  3. Connect the pen to your computer using the cable provided in the Magic Mat box
  4. Go to your downloads, the file appears as update.chp
  5. Open pen-related device
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded file to the pen device
  7. Unplug the stylus
  8. Put the batteries back in place and screw the battery cover back on
  9. Turn the pen back on, then wait for the first update initiation and then update success message.
  10. Turn off and on the stylus. There you go, you can play with your stylus

A complete awakening mat for real moments of family sharing

Ultra-scalable: from birth to 8 years old

The Magic mat is a toy in which all ages can express themselves. It was made with the aim of bringing together all the qualities often sought after in a single toy.

Strong contrasts to amaze baby

During the first months, babies only distinguish contrasts. The colorful Magic Mat arouses the curiosity of our little ones from an early age.

Have fun learning languages ​​like a grown-up

When your child has mastered all levels of play, the Magic Mat offers him several languages ​​to continue learning while having fun.

Several games to entertain your children through the ages


Your child discovers the world with his pen. Each time he points to an object, the pen teaches him the word. Recommended from 18 months.


The Magic Mat pen asks your child simple questions to develop their analytical skills. " Where is the lion? " And reward your child with a trivia when he finds the object " a group of lion is called a pride, The male lion has a long fur around his neck called a mane ". Recommended from 2 years old


When your child grows he can choose more advanced questions " I'm dancing with a red dress and a flower in my hair. Who am I ?" . With richer anecdotes " I am Isabella, the tango dancer (tango music) ". Recommended from 4 years old.

Zero single-use plastic packaging

In 2020, we have chosen to remove all single-use plastic from the Scootizz packaging. Step by step, we do our best to offer you products while being aware of ecological emergencies.

Without Waves

The pen works in OID. That is to say that there is no technology in the Magic Mat. There are simply invisible codes drawn that the pen is able to read with its sensor. He doesn't have to touch the mattress to read. It can read up to 2cm.