Much more than a brand, Looping is a family affair.

This family story began 20 years ago, when René decided to create Looping. This father of 5 children aims to offer top quality childcare items. 20 years later, his daughter Audrey - who already loved working with her father from an early age - and Alexandre, the eldest of the siblings, took over the legacy of their father who was able to transmit to them his passion for the little childhood.

They now work hand in hand with René to meet the new needs of parents, which are constantly changing.

This new generation is committed to perpetuating these missions and to being more and more innovative for the respect of the planet and for the development of new products that are ever more efficient , qualitative and sustainable over time (and this, even at the test of several children)!

We are constantly raising our standards and continuing alongside you – if not nothing – the writing of this beautiful story. Because yes, your feedback is our wealth ; they allow us to constantly improve our products. This proximity to you is very important because thanks to it, we identify the real needs of parents in terms of childcare products.

Today, Audrey has become a mother herself and wishes the best for Olympe, her granddaughter. Her husband, Hugo, has also joined the family in this great adventure that is Looping. We are our first consumers and we raise our standards for our own children above all .

Benevolence , Know-how and Family are our watchwords.

Now that the introductions are done, we would like to tell you briefly about our products.

It all started with the Squizz. A stroller light as a feather, ultra compact while being solid and ready to swallow miles and miles! Equipped with multiple new features, it has convinced parents looking for an easier daily life, but also, of course, babies looking for a comfortable cocoon.

The idea was to find the happy medium between a robust & complete stroller, and a compact stroller that can be stored anywhere, even in the airplane cabin. Thus was born the Squizz of Looping: the sum of the experience of the oldest to the needs of young parents.

Since the advent of Looping, tens of thousands of strollers have been sold, and our desire to satisfy parents in search of a simpler and more enjoyable life has prompted us, after the success of our flagship stroller , to continue to develop new products designed for parents and designed for babies .

This involves, among other things, the cozy , or the ultra-compact bassinet carrycot . The latter also serves as an extra bed and can be transported anywhere (in addition to being able to be clipped to the Squizz stroller)! Other additional equipment has been provided for optimal use of the stroller, such as the large wheels which reduce the roughness of the road and make your stroller suitable for all types of paths (to the delight of baby, who will feel like on a cloud).



2 years ago, the Scootizz - our ultra-modular 5-in-1 balance bike - was added to the collection and will satisfy a large number of parents who have long wanted a durable and evolving product, promoting their child(ren)'s motor skills. ).

More recently, the Magic Mat - interactive and multilingual awakening mat in turn joined the Looping adventure to the delight of parents who want to combine business with pleasure for their child(ren) by reconciling fun and learning. - all this without the burden of many toys that will tire him much too quickly.


Magic matte

The planet at the heart of our aspirations

We are not perfect and we do not claim to be. What we want above all is progress. For this, we have implemented actions for a few years which, we hope, will have an impact on our small scale. Go here to know them.

An after-sales service always there to answer your requests

Since the creation of our brand, our after-sales service team based in Montauban in France has responded to all requests from parents who have placed their trust in us by purchasing our products. We follow the evolution of our strollers long after they have been sold, and we are constantly improving ourselves by taking into account all your feedback.

Without having waited for the anti-waste law, we have always applied the principles of durability and repairability; in our warehouses in Montauban, we keep a stock of spare parts to send them to you quickly if necessary. We are proud to be able to quickly deliver a part to you for a stroller that we sold sometimes more than 15 years ago.

Safety first

At Looping we have more than 20 years of experience in child safety, so much so that we are seconded experts to the European Commission in charge of standardization.

Your baby's safety is a very important thing that needs to be considered holistically. There is no point, for example, in having a state-of-the-art car seat in an old and dangerous car.

The first thing to do for the development of a standard or for the design of a childcare product intended for children is to carry out a risk analysis taking into account the age, weight and capacity of the child. child for whom it is intended.

These risks can be classified into 2 main categories:

- Mechanical risks such as possible pinching, falls, etc. In this approach, it is necessary to take into account the product, but also the foreseeable use of the parents and the potential behavior of the baby.

- Chemical risks, due to prolonged contact of the child with materials such as fabric for example.

The essential references in this area are the official standards implemented at European level and included in French law. As such, we are an active volunteer member of the French commission for standardization and of the corresponding European commission which drafts and develops standards. We lead one of the 7 European working groups which allows us to be at the heart of the latest innovations, concerns and problems encountered with certain products. Within this commission, we rub shoulders with representatives of laboratories, inspection authorities, consumer associations, industrialists from all over Europe and each bringing their constructive experience.

In order to remain vigilant on the evolution of the standards, we are since 2000 experts with the AFNOR - French Association of standardization (Number 1 French of the third-party certification) as well on the French level as on the European level (CEN ) and recently at the international level (ISO ).

When there is no specific standard for a product, we carry out a risk analysis based on the requirements of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/ceet) we build specifications with certified laboratories using existing standards and suitable tests.

To carry out the conformity tests, we only use accredited French laboratories: LNE, Pourquery, SGS France for the mechanical part and SGS (Europe and Asia) for the chemical part, which is an undisputed reference in this field.

In addition, we carefully select our partner factories in France and abroad. All of our production sites are regularly audited by our own teams and/or by external bodies, both socially and technically. The environmental dimension has also been taken into account for many years and we wish to further strengthen this vital aspect for the planet and humanity.

With all our love,

The Looping team.

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