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6 things to know before choosing a baby stroller

What are your routes? What is the size of the car trunk? Or are you going to put it away? Do you have stairs to climb? Are you more urban or more rural? How many children do you want? What is your size ? Are you more scarf or cozy? What is your budget ?

What is the best baby stroller? Define your needs carefully before choosing the stroller you need

What are your routes? How big is the car trunk? Where are you going to store it? Do you have stairs to climb? Are you more of a city person or more of a country person? How many children do you want? What is your size ? Are you more of a scarf or cozy person? What is your budget ?

I spoke with a mother-to-be who told me “it's more difficult to choose a stroller than a car”. I admit that this made me laugh, but I understand! There are more and more choices and too much choice kills choice.

My advice to future parents is to ask yourself: Why do you want a stroller? It's difficult to anticipate this need. Plus, you only have a few months to make a lot of important decisions, like the color of your room ^^. What we need to say is that there is no such thing as a perfect stroller (even if that is our goal), nor does the best stroller exist (even if that is also our goal) . There is only the best stroller for you. The best stroller for your friends is not necessarily the best stroller for you!

Take your time to choose and don't stress too much, if you are “wrong” it doesn't matter. This won't make you bad parents ;-)

Big wheel stroller vs small wheel stroller

We are increasingly contrasting the traditional baby stroller which often has large wheels with a compact stroller which has small wheels. Indeed, the new trend of the compact stroller pushes us as a manufacturer to remove elements from the stroller to make it as compact as possible so that it can be considered as cabin luggage! If we remove too many elements, it will inevitably harm the comfort of the baby and the parents. The wheels are a key part of the stroller. Thanks to the all-wheels, our stroller is even more comfortable, more maneuverable and more practical for climbing sidewalks. 8 seconds is the time it takes you to install them. At the request of consumers, we have developed the only compact city stroller that can be transformed into an “all-terrain” stroller thanks to its large wheels. The all-terrain wheels were designed for country walks but are also very practical in the urban jungle. Obviously they are sold with a nice carrying bag to protect them and you can continue to fold the stroller with one hand even with the big wheels! To date we are the only ones to sell a compact birth stroller with large wheels.

The price is not necessarily a guarantee of the quality of the best stroller

Ask your friends who have already had a stroller for several years what it looks like...

The price of a stroller is made up of a few elements:

  • The manufacturing cost
  • Company costs
  • Marketing and communications investments
  • The margin of the company(ies)
  • Client service
  • Standards

We try as much as possible to invest in elements that improve the value provided to the customer and not only in marketing, which allows us to offer you a premium compact birth stroller at an exceptional quality/price ratio...

Beware of models sold directly from abroad on marketplaces like Amazon, wish, etc.

Not all strollers sold on the Internet necessarily comply with European AFNOR safety standards .

Not all strollers on the Internet necessarily offer after-sales service.

Many of our customers are customers disappointed by a “good deal” for a cheap stroller on the Internet… Today, many foreign factories come directly to the French market by creating a brand image, by offering products at very high prices. low cost while the quality is not there and the customer service even less!

Think about durability and after-sales service for your stroller

You will drive miles and miles with your stroller. It will help you carry your baby, a diaper bag, your handbag and some shopping too...

Find out where the company selling you your stroller comes from. Especially on sites like Amazon. Many strollers and other childcare products are sold in France via Amazon but the selling company is based in another country. You may have found a cheap stroller, but you don't know how long this stroller will last and even less if you will have after-sales service when you need it, even if only to buy spare parts for the arrival of the next baby ;-).

What makes a birth stroller?

A birth stroller must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Lying position
  • Harness passage that keeps a small child safe

The good thing about the Squizz is that we give you the choice! You can use the stroller alone from birth. You don't have to add a car seat or carrycot to fix this.

On the other hand, do what you like! For the baby's first months, you can treat yourself and purchase the Squizz carrycot which can be installed very easily on the stroller. As we never do things by halves at Squizz, we have thought of everything. The carrycot is semi-rigid to be able to transport the baby without waking him once he arrives home. And the icing on the cake: the carrycot can also serve as a bed for the baby's first months thanks to its bassinet function. If you prefer to have him close to you for the first nights, don't panic, the squizz bassinet will be the perfect nest for your baby.