A family DNA anchored in the world of childhood

It all began in 1945, near Montauban, with the creation of a company specializing in the world of early childhood. Initially dedicated to baby care products, the company is gradually working to expand its childcare range. Strollers, carrycots and other equipment are created in their workshops.

In the 1980s, René, a happy father of 5 children, took up the torch, infusing his passion and creativity into the entire activity.

He is soon joined by his son Alexandre, the eldest of the siblings, then by his daughter Audrey, passionate about childcare and always nourished by this family know-how . Everyone works hand in hand to develop a robust, scalable and efficient range , designed to meet the needs of parents as closely as possible, allowing them to quickly position themselves as the preferred supplier of French hypermarkets. As a young mother of two little girls, Audrey brings her experience of family life, her vision, and her youth to this group with an edifying journey.

In 2008, drawing on their family expertise in childcare, they launched Looping, a premium brand dedicated to children's first years and distributed directly to families. Quality sourcing, careful design, proven innovation : our zorros from the world of kids professionally develop real know-how to design products with high added value, designed for parents, designed for babies.

Creativity, know-how and family spirit : welcome to the Looping family!

Products designed for today's families

As the first consumers of their innovations and keen to raise their standards for their own children, Audrey and her team test, experience and design products adapted to the needs of today's parents every day.

In a constantly evolving family context, with sometimes busy daily lives, parents must be able to rely on high-performance, high-quality and durable products .

Focused on the concerns of this new generation, Looping also strives to offer scalable and environmentally friendly equipment .

Creativity and know-how are thus at the heart of development: each new product effectively supports sometimes mobile family lives, with a constant concern for simplicity, quality, safety and comfort! All products are designed with an unrivaled eye for detail, and tips that will change your life. The sum of these features integrated into each item makes the Looping range the French star of baby equipment, with exclusive products designed above all by parents.

This is how the Squizz stroller , a pioneer of the Looping adventure, was born: a featherweight, a compact shape suitable even for airplane cabins, combined with prodigious maneuverability and robustness designed to swallow kilometers, while offering a cozy cocoon for babies. In short, the marriage of comfort, design, and safety... What else ;-)?

Adopted by tens of thousands of families, the Squizz stroller will soon be joined by the cozy , or the ultra-compact bassinet carrycot , allowing parents to upgrade their equipment according to their needs or the age of their child.

Building on its success, Looping also works to help children grow, and has expanded to the toy sector since 2020. Motor skills, awareness, learning development...: the 5-in-1 evolving balance bike or even recently the Magic mat interactive activity mat  have recently come to meet the expectations of new parents.

Looping is now part of the family history of many homes, offering products that grow with their children and accompany them in their precious moments.