At Looping, we do not skimp on security : know-how and creativity rhyme with reliability! Our rigor, our experience, and our constant concern to respect and go beyond existing French and European standards, have made Looping a global benchmark in terms of security and innovation.

As true parenting experts , we take into account the child's age, weight, and the conditions of use of the product, and pay great attention to potential risks when choosing our equipment:

  • mechanical risks (pinching, falls, etc.)
  • chemical risks due to prolonged contact of the child on a textile for example

The essential references in this area are the official standards put in place at European level and included in French law. As such, we are active voluntary members of the French standardization commission and the corresponding European commission which writes and develops standards. We have led one of the 7 European working groups for many years and we are still very active within the French Commission, which allows us to be at the heart of the latest innovations, concerns and problems encountered with certain products. Within this commission, we interact with laboratories, control administrations, consumer associations and manufacturers, each bringing their constructive experience.

In order to remain vigilant on the evolution of standards, we have been experts for 2000 with AFNOR - French Standardization Association (French number 1 in third-party certification) both at the French level and at the European level (CEN) and recently at the international level (ISO).

When there is no specific standard for a product, we carry out a risk analysis based on the requirements of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/ceet) We apply specifications with certified laboratories using existing standards and adapted tests.

To carry out our conformity tests, we only use accredited French laboratories: LNE, Pourquery, SGS France for the mechanical part and SGS (Europe and Asia) for the chemical part which is an undisputed reference in this field.


We carefully select our partner factories in France and abroad. All our production sites are regularly audited by our own teams and/or by external organizations, both on a social and technical level.