Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle vert amande#couleur_vert-amande
Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle jaune #couleur_bouton-d-or
Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle bleu #couleur_bleu-ocean
Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle vert #couleur_haute-red
Looping x Stade Toulousain Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle vert #couleur_stade-toulousain
Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 avec barre de direction Scootizz Draisienne évolutive Looping baby
Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 avec barre de direction Scootizz Draisienne évolutive Looping baby
Vidéo de présentation Scootizz Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Scootizz évolutif Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Scootizz maniable Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Scootizz unique Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Scootizz robuste Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Stabilité et sécurité Scootizz Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Dimension & poids Scootizz Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycle
Scootizz léger Draisienne évolutive 5 en 1 tricycleLooping baby

Scootizz balance bike 5 in 1 scalable balance bike with steering bar

Sale price109,90€
Color:Almond green

24 month warranty

The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase in the context of normal use of the product and unless excluded as specified in the instructions for use. For other countries, the specific legislation of the country of purchase applies.

4x payment without fees

We know that having a child sometimes requires an investment that we cannot always afford. Quality products are not within everyone's reach, which is why we thought of Alma to allow you to pay in 2, 3 or 4 installments for your orders over 100 euros.

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The Scootizz 5-in-1 evolving balance bike : the best for learning balance and stability, in complete safety!

Unique on the market with its push bar
Adapted to each stage of growth
Push bar to assist steering
Robust and durable
2 wheels at the front and rear with adjustable spacing for greater stability and safety
Practicality and maneuverability
Scootizz ride
6 Scootizz benefits
Scootizz Presentation

The Scootizz is the only toy on the market that accompanies your child throughout their development, thanks to its 5 positions and its directional and removable push bar. It easily transforms into a 3-wheel or 2-wheel balance bike, a tricycle, a 3-wheel scooter and then a 2-wheel scooter. From his first steps to his first speeds, this evolving balance bike will follow your child for many years.

Recommended use as soon as your child can sit up alone, up to 6 years old.
Presented and validated by the TV show Les Maternelles

Exclusive features

The only product on the market to offer an integrated tricycle function, the Scootizz balance bike is an exclusive product designed for you! Its directional push bar also allows it to adapt to all stages of your child's motor skills, without having to change toys. Designed to support your child from 1 year old to 50 kg, the Scootiz is THE scalable and durable product adopted by thousands of parents.

Tricycle function
Directional push bar
Wheel function which allows you to control or leave the direction free

A modular and practical balance bike!

Because at Looping we think of everything, each functionality is designed above all with practicality in mind. A simple push on the white buttons allows you to switch from balance bike to scooter, choose between the 3-wheel and 2-wheel position, or even spread your feet for the tricycle function, all without the need for tools! If you leave the tricycle position, a dedicated location allows you to store the pedals and prevent them from getting lost.

Easily adaptable

Everything you need to know about Scootizz

Are you looking for a toy that helps your child grow in motor skills and develop their independence, without needing to buy a new product every year? At Looping we think every day to offer you clever and adapted products! As true parenting experts, we designed this balance bike with unparalleled attention to detail, and features that only we can offer: directional push bar, integrated tricycle function, 3-wheel and 2-wheel balance bike, 3-wheel scooter and 2 wheels. Simple, effective and practical, the Scootizz balance bike is a high-performance, scalable and durable product, unanimously adopted by our children, quickly followed by thousands of delighted families!

As soon as the child can sit upright on their own, they can use it in the assisted balance bike position with the help of the push bar. On the other hand, if he wants to use the balance bike alone, he will have to wait until he knows how to walk.

You can actually turn the handlebars of the balance bike. With its wheel located just below the handlebars, you can choose to lock or rotate the handlebars, depending on your child's autonomy in their ability to control their direction.

The wheel cover is made of blue plastic (PP type) and the black tires are made of soft plastic, and more precisely TPU (high quality plastic with good elasticity and good resistance).

We explain everything to you in this video .