Our products are in our warehouses in Montauban and leave in the afternoon every day of the week. In general, they can take between 2 and 5 days to arrive at their destination.

Yes. However, delivery will not be free. The price is calculated according to the weight of the product.


To find the closest relay point to your home, you can look on the DPD website to see the closest relay points to your home.

Unfortunately no.

At Looping, we have decided to offer products at the best prices all year round. Unlike big brands that have big marketing budgets and can afford to make -50% to -70%, we devote very little marketing budget which means that you really get what you pay for.

Product information

If there is a problem, please send an email to with the order number and a photo or video of the problem. We will respond as soon as possible.

All the products we market comply with current standards and safety requirements.

About the Squizz Compact Stroller and Accessories

You can completely remove the basket from the Squizz 2 and the Squizz 3 to machine wash it at 30 degrees. There are snaps all around to take it off. Just pull the tab and push with one finger.

Of course ! You can remove the hard board thanks to the zipper. Wash at 30 degrees with air drying in a well-ventilated place, in the sun for example.

Yes you can. We let you watch the video that explains how to do it step by step. It's here !

The stroller is made in Asia like all other strollers on the market. On the other hand, the design and the conception are made in Montauban in the south of France!

No way. The cozy adapter is included.

In practice, we have switched to various airlines each time (Easyjet, Air france, Air austral, British airways, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot promise you anything about this as it will depend on the conditions and the staff. For example, if the flight is full and there is not enough space. But in any case, the airline allows you to keep the stroller until you enter the plane and gives it back to you when you leave the plane.

On the Squizz, only the Looping cozy fits the stroller. For what ? Because a pushchair that fits other cozy seats would have been much wider… We had to make a choice between making a pushchair that fits all seats but would have been heavier and bigger. The Squizz therefore adapts to a cozy that we know and which is an ultra light (3.3 kg) and ultra practical cozy.

No, the Squizz Board is only compatible with the Squizz compact stroller.

It depends on your daily life. If you take the car a lot and make short trips regularly, it may be better to have a cozy one. If you only do a few per week, it might be wiser to opt for the carrycot + a fixed car seat.

Yes, it can be machine washed at 30°C and air dried.

About the Scootizz 5 in 1 with push bar

You can indeed turn the handlebars of the balance bike. With its wheel located just below the handlebars, you can choose to block or rotate the handlebars.

As soon as the child can sit well on his own, he can use it in a balance bike assisted position with the help of the push bar. On the other hand, if he wants to use the balance bike alone, he will have to wait until he can walk.

The wheel cover is made of blue plastic (PP type) and the black tires are made of soft plastic, and more precisely TPU (high quality plastic with good elasticity and good resistance).

About the swivel car seat

Our car seat complies with European regulation ECE44. As such, it has undergone required crash tests with and without a base. You can find an approval label on each of our car seats attesting that the product has undergone a regular production check.

This video explains step by step how to install your car seat.

About the wicker basket

Yes, the bassinet mattress is machine washable at 30°C. It is recommended to let it air dry.