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Great maneuverability and reduced road roughness
Squizz stroller rain cover
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A little cocoon in the face of bad weather
Squizz Stroller Skateboard
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The ideal transport for older children
Ergonomics and increased control to handle your stroller
Ultra-coverage protection to stop mosquitoes
Infant footmuff
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A cozy nest to welcome and protect your little ones
Stroller mittens
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Hands always warm for parents and children
Diaper bag
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The ideal bag for traveling with baby
Baby nest
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A real cozy nest for your baby

Going out with baby for the first time can sometimes be a source of stress for new parents. How to protect baby from the cold? How to protect it from the sun? To go out for a walk with baby in complete peace of mind, choosing the right stroller accessory is essential. Discover now our accessories for universal strollers.

Be well equipped to go out with baby in stroller

As we know, outings with baby often resemble a move. When we plan to take baby for a walk, we of course think of the stroller. But we quickly realize that choosing the right accessories for going out in a stroller with baby is important, especially during the first months. If some equipment is secondary, others are essential to walk baby serenely and safely. For a winter baby or a summer baby, solutions exist. At Looping, we ensure the comfort of children but also that of parents. Footmuff, angel's nest, mittens, parasol, changing bag, we offer a multitude of stroller accessories and baby accessories perfect for taking baby out

Which stroller accessories to choose?

If going out with baby in summer is relatively simple, it gets a little complicated in winter. Indeed, baby is fragile and very sensitive to cold. During the first months, he groups his arms and legs together to reassure himself. At this age, wearing a coat is not comfortable. So, the best is to opt for a footmuff or a baby nest. More practical than a pilot suit, the footmuff keeps baby warm throughout the walk while leaving him free to move. In summer, protecting baby from the sun is essential. To avoid sunburn or worse, sunstroke, using a parasol is very effective. Indeed, a parasol protects both baby from heat and UV rays. A universal umbrella is ideal because it fits all strollers. Because at Looping we also think of parents, we have designed mittens that fit on the handlebars of any stroller. Warm and waterproof, these stroller mittens are your allies for long winter walks. Another essential accessory during your walks with baby is the changing bag. A changing bag is useful for carrying something to change your baby (diapers, clothes, liniment, cottons, etc.). Snack bag, pacifier holder, bottle holder, changing mat and pocket for storing wet clothes, we have thought of everything.