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Great maneuverability and reduced road roughness
Squizz stroller rain cover
Sale priceFrom 25,90€
A little cocoon in the face of bad weather
Squizz Carrycot
Sale price129,00€
Nomadic and ultra-comfortable birth carrycot
Squizz Stroller Skateboard
Sale price89,00€
The ideal transport for older children
Ergonomics and increased control to handle your stroller
Ultra-coverage protection to stop mosquitoes
Carrycot fitted sheet
Sale price18,90€
Ultra-soft French baby sheet in Okeo-Tex cotton
Infant footmuff
Sale price39,90€
A cozy nest to welcome and protect your little ones
Stroller mittens
Sale price25,00€
Hands always warm for parents and children
Diaper bag
Sale price69,00€
The ideal bag for traveling with baby
Baby nest
Sale price49,00€
A real cozy nest for your baby