Transat Coomfy Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Transat Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Transat Looping baby
Transat Coomfy Looping baby

Coomfy deckchair Natural swinging baby bouncer

Sale price99,00€ Including eco-participation tax of €0.55 including tax
Including eco-participation tax of €0.55 including tax

24 month warranty

The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase in the context of normal use of the product and unless excluded as specified in the instructions for use. For other countries, the specific legislation of the country of purchase applies.

4x payment without fees

We know that having a child sometimes requires an investment that we cannot always afford. Quality products are not within everyone's reach, which is why we thought of Alma to allow you to pay in 2, 3 or 4 installments for your orders over 100 euros.

Choose Alma when paying and use your Carte Bleue, Visa or Mastercard as usual. Alma is available for all orders over €100 for customers with a bank card issued in France.

We all want the best for our children and hope this solution helps you.

If you have any questions or would like more information: Alma

Customer service 5 days a week

Our customer service based in Montauban is available Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 1:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday morning.

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A deckchair optimized for your baby's comfort!

Ergonomic and comfortable
Scalable: from birth to sitting
Natural swing
Ultra stable
Aesthetic and elegant
Practical and washable
Focus on Coomfy

The deckchair is one of the essential products in the house to simplify the daily life of parents. This evolving deckchair with natural swing will make your life easier, from birth to sitting. In the lying position, the swing function allows the child to fall asleep for a short nap, always under the supervision of an adult. The comfortable seat reducer is specially adapted for newborns who still need optimum support. In a seated position, the baby will be well positioned to eat his meal.

Stability and security

At Looping, security is at the heart of our innovations! Place your baby calmly in his deckchair, without fear of tipping over. Compliant with all current standards, the Looping deckchair remains ultra-stable whatever your child's movements, with 3 seat inclinations, adjustable using a secure button, depending on their awakening or their stages of movement. motor skills. The encompassing waistband and padded crotch also ensure optimum support whatever the age of your child.

Practicality and mobility

Are you going on vacation? Do you live in a small apartment and need to store your baby equipment for an evening with friends? Our Looping natural swing lounger is easily foldable. It stores in an instant and can be easily transported on all your trips with its carrying bag.

Everything you need to know about Coomfy

Practical, light and ultra-manageable, our naturally rocking children's deckchair incorporates features designed for today's parents. Ergonomic and comfortable, it respects your child's growth stages and is perfectly adapted to the body shape of babies. The integrated natural rocking allows him to fall asleep gently from birth, then to be stimulated by his movements, while discovering the world and awakening his senses. Ultra-stable and secure, it allows you to go about your business whatever the age of your child, while having them under supervision. An essential for your daily life as a parent!

The baby deckchair is one of the best-ofs on your birth list! Recommended by many experts, it allows the child to stay close to you in his first months, being rocked by his own movements. It must be perfectly adapted to the body shape of babies, by being equipped with a seat reducer. This guarantees perfect support and ergonomics optimized for toddlers, in order to keep their slightly rounded back in its natural position for the first months, and their head upright, while letting them breathe well. The sleeping and reclining surface must be adjustable to adapt to the age of the child.