Sustainable commitment

Everyone talks about it, and now what do we do?

Everyone talks about sustainable development, which is becoming a major issue for our planet, for our lives and those of future generations. Until now, our societies have used the resources of our planet without measure and without restriction. The evolution towards a reasoned use of our resources is not easy to implement and causes tensions within countries and between nations which have different analyzes according to their levels of wealth and their geographical and demographic situation.

At Looping we decided to follow these debates carefully but at the same time we wanted to start concrete actions. The nature of the products that we market make them difficult to integrate into a sustainable process due to the materials used and the constraint of offering the consumer a reasonable price. However, there are still actions to be taken to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the use of non-recyclable materials.

For several years we have:

  • Offered quality products with the longest possible lifespan
  • Designed products whose maintenance and repair are made possible thanks to the spare parts available in our workshops in France
  • Strictly applied, in detail and to the letter, the European REACH regulations which reduce the use of chemicals harmful to humans and the planet
  • Used recyclable brown boxes instead of white boxes

What we are doing:

  • Gradually remove all plastic bags from our products as well as polystyrene wedging elements to replace them with cardboard, more environmentally friendly paper
  • Use recycled elements whenever possible and available for packaging but also for the manufacture of products (use of recycled polyester fabrics for example)
  • When packaging is necessary to protect the product, transform it into a transport bag with a purpose, and thus give it a second life

Together is better!

To go even further, we need to intensify collaboration in the value chain. We cannot act alone, and that is why we would like to engage in a more sustained dialogue with our customers to define together the criteria for the future.

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