Caring for generations to come: the essence of our family heritage

The heart of Looping beats for family. Because we all want the best for our children, aware of our responsibility as parents and entrepreneurs, we are committed to working alongside you to ensure them an ideal future in a healthy environment.

Driven by this sense of transmission, we follow with great attention the different developments in manufacturing or innovation. If it is still difficult to integrate our products into a 100% sustainable process, due to safety standards, the materials used and the constraint of offering you an appropriate price, we are working as best we can to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the use of non-recyclable materials.

Our commitment: concrete actions with impact

  • Imagine durable products, designed to grow with your children and limit overconsumption: our equipment is designed for a long lifespan, frequent and sometimes grueling use
  • Offer range options that follow your children throughout their growth stages and allow you to consume less and more efficiently. The Squizz range allows you to equip yourself completely and progressively, from birth to the age of 3 of your child, without changing the chassis.
  • Promote products whose maintenance and repair are made possible thanks to spare parts available in our workshops in France
  • Strictly apply, down to the smallest detail, the European REACH regulation which reduces the use of chemicals harmful to humans and the planet
  • Integrate more environmentally friendly recyclable materials into our packaging or cushioning elements (exit plastic, polystyrene, or white cardboard)
  • Use recycled elements in the textiles of our equipment whenever possible (recycled polyester fabric for example)
  • Think about protective covers for our equipment for a future second life (transport bag for example)
  • Compliance with government recommendations in terms of consumer information and product marking.