How to put baby to sleep with music?

Musique bébé

Every night it's the same thing: you put your little one in his bed, you stay with him for a few moments and then you quietly slip away from his room, thinking that he's sleeping soundly. But now, once in your living room, baby starts crying, which is very difficult to bear.

No worries ! I found you a solution to help baby sleep peacefully: friends of his nights, nursery rhymes, lullabies but also your favorite music promotes baby's sleep.

Soft music to put baby to sleep

“Ah the crocodiles, the crocodiles, the crocodiles…”, “In the light of the moon…”, “Freed, delivered,…” . Between traditional nursery rhymes and children's favorite cartoon songs, the choice is endless. But they are not all favorable to baby falling asleep. Indeed, only soft and soothing music is soothing for their sleep.

Music has gifts for soothing baby. She will calm him down and put him in a good mood to sleep.

To sleep well, babies need to feel safe. Soft music before sleep can be part of a sleep routine.

It is important that you choose short and catchy music that will reassure baby and soothe him so that he sleeps soundly.

I also advise you not to put the music too loud when baby is in bed. Even if the music covers the noises of the house and facilitates falling asleep, it must remain in the background in his room and once asleep, you can turn it off.

Did you know that Jazz had calming properties for babies?

Thanks to the trumpet, trombone and tuba, which are played very softly, baby focuses all his attention on the melody, which is calm. He can therefore fall asleep without any difficulty.

Here are the Jazz titles to listen to your child so that he falls asleep:

  • “The Girl from Ipanema” Stan Getz
  • "Chetty's Lullaby" Chet Baker

The benefits of music during your pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you should know that baby perceives the music in your belly from the 24th week of pregnancy. It reacts to melodies and rhythms, and you can even say that it begins to "dance" in your belly. You knew it ?

Babies remember this after birth:

  • If you pass your piece of music favorite to your child during pregnancy, he will recognize it afterwards. Your baby will love the music you love.
  • If you listen to soothing music during your pregnancy, you can play them after she is born. This will help him calm down. He will perceive this music as pleasant.

The music you listen to during your pregnancy is very important for your baby after birth. Later, if baby can't fall asleep, the melody of these can help calm him down. They will remind him of his cocoon and soothe him gently.

Baby in the Carrycot, Stroller Squizz

Classical music or lullaby for babies?

To help baby sleep, it is important that the music you choose is short and catchy. Some parents prefer lullabies, such as:

  • "Dodo the child, do"
  • "A Sweet Song"
  • " In the moonlight "
  • “Sleep Colas my little brother”

These pretty lullabies are soft and reassuring, making it easier to calm down and fall asleep. They have catchy tunes that accompanied our childhood and have a soothing musical background.

I can also advise you to sing lullabies which is a good way to soothe baby. It is an effective ritual before going to sleep.

Other parents prefer classical music for their children because it has a relaxing effect. It will help calm baby and thus help him fall asleep.

You can rock baby while listening to classical music: you will establish a strong bond with your child because it will also allow you to decompress.

Classical music has a soft, joyful and childlike air, which will be pleasant and soothing for baby. She can lead him naturally and gently to the land of dreams.

Here is a selection of classical music ideal for putting babies to sleep:

  • "Piano Concerto" Beethoven
  • "Nocturnes" Chopin
  • “Gymnopedia No.1” Pascal Rogé
  • "Children's Scenes" Schumann

What if you also started singing?

You can also have a little confidence in your pretty voice to put baby to sleep. Yes yes, we are sure that he will not judge you. In any case, he won't remember it, but your voice is a landmark for him. He has heard your voice for a long time, and it certainly comforts him.

Indeed, before he was born, you probably spoke to him and even sang to him. So when it's time to sleep, your baby will be very focused on your voice. This gently cradles him, soothes him and puts him to sleep. So, nothing beats a song whispered in the hollow of the pillow so that baby can gently return to the land of dreams.

And then, we all know it! When a mom finds the courage to sing, nothing can stop her 😉

Baby in the Carrycot, Stroller Squizz

I share with you my playlist that I make my children listen to, and which allows them to join the arms of Morpheus in a few moments. In this playlist, we have mixed lullabies, nursery rhymes, classical music but also Jazz and our favorite music. Because yes, we know very well that we are not the only parents who want to stop lullabies and nursery rhymes when they have been on a loop for 1 hour. We are all the same! That's why we've added some recent music, soft and perfect for putting baby to sleep. It will be much better for baby but also for our dear ears.

Baby listens to it every night, softly, when you put him in bed. The soft melodies allow him to be more calm and soothed for bedtime.

And you, what music do you play for your children to help them sleep?

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