"Elle a changé ma vie…. la poussette Squizz de Looping !" Maman Vogue

"It changed my life…. the Squizz stroller from Looping!" Vogue Mom

Urban elegance, modular and designed for parents who like to move and travel!
snow squizz stroller

In a previous article, I told you about the Squizz stroller which was released in 2016. I had already found this stroller revolutionary at the time, super compact, light and very well thought out thanks to its ergonomics. In fact, for my last one, I spent hours and hours thinking about buying the RIGHT stroller: you know, the one that folds up easily, that isn't too heavy (because between the 4 carry, the milk packs, baby weighing his weight, the telephone ringing at the same time... your arms are falling off!), the stroller which is small and can be slipped everywhere in town, but which also rolls well on good roads campaign, finally the perfect stroller what… you know what I mean, right?! For my second, I therefore decided to use the SQUIZZ stroller again, especially since an evolution of this version came out with new accessories and improved functions following feedback from parents on the first version.

The Squizz range in one sentence, is that?

Urban elegance, modular and designed for parents who like to move and travel!

A family business ?

The Looping brand was born about ten years ago in the South-West of France, created by childcare experts. Most products are Made in France (cushions, changing mats, mosquito nets, etc.). The manufacturing workshops are based in Pau and Montauban. Looping is a human-sized company that meets consumer expectations.

The Squizz stroller

It is compact and usable from birth, foldable with one hand without bending down and made with the best materials and technical solutions. Folded, the stroller looks like a suitcase with its telescopic handle, so it makes traveling with your baby easier, and adapts to all means of transport: train, plane, small car, and even motorbike... Some details have been directly designed to improve parents' lives: a removable guardrail that opens in the middle, the extension of the stroller to 180° by simply pulling on a strap, the transport of the stroller like a suitcase thanks to these additional wheels . Resolutely oriented towards the contemporary way of life, it is very light, fits in all car trunks and can be taken as carry-on luggage. Safety is of course a key word at Looping and baby is attached by a harness with 5 straps, very easy to fit. The idea is therefore to offer the consumer a high quality product at a fair price where 80% of the cost is devoted to the product.

A stroller designed for every moment of life

Yes, because we like to go on vacation to other countries, to the countryside, or to places that are not always easy to access with a stroller, thanks to its all-terrain wheels (which change in 10 seconds - yes yes!) buy optional.

A carrycot to take a look at baby!

We like to lay eyes on our little baby to be able to enjoy his smile or his sleepy pout (yes, we're a bit gaga moms) thanks to this new unique carrycot, it's now possible! It allows you to keep an eye on baby because it can position itself in front of you if you wish! The BIG plus: its bassinet function that serves as an extra bed, there is no harness, which allows you to install baby without waking him up, so it's very practical when you've finally managed to get him to sleep …no more crying every quarter of an hour! The carrycot folds up and fits in a tote bag sold with cabin luggage dimensions.

squizz stroller carrycot

Usable for children of what age?

The Squizz stroller can be used from birth up to 36 months, depending on the baby's morphology. It is a birth stroller because it extends to 180%.

Ideal for the train, the plane?

Yes, folding is super easy with just one hand and the stroller can be considered as carry-on luggage for planes and trains. All wheels are removable. The dimensions of the stroller folded without the wheels 56/42.5/20 cm. IATA approved.

The dimensions of the unfolded stroller 104x77x48cm Its Weight 6.7 kg

Personally, we tested the stroller on the plane and on the train, it's a marvel. It slips between the passenger seats, you can rock baby, give him his dinner without hysterics! The stroller is sold with a cover allowing it to be dragged like a suitcase or carried as a handbag.

folding squiz

Accessories ?

There have been plenty of new accessories since the launch of the first version in 2016, in addition to the carrycot and wheels that we talked about previously, the Squizz range is really complete:

  • Mittens (no thanks for frozen hands in winter!).
  • A Squiz-board is now available to easily walk two young children.
  • A superb wicker basket entirely made in France in Montauban (a superb birth gift, no?)
  • A bunting nest
  • A diaper bag

Colours ?

There are several colors: the classic (light grey), black grey, green garden and blue lido.

Looping takes consumer feedback into account

The Looping stroller has been improved thanks to consumer requests and opinions, some parents prefer to put the baby facing you, with the carrycot this position is possible. Consumer testimonials I bought the ultra-compact Looping stroller, I find it really practical and very pleasant to drive around town. I live in town, and I really appreciate its very narrow side and the fact of being able to drive it with one hand, it is so light. Amélie de S Very compact and light stroller, essential qualities for our use as city dwellers on the 3rd floor without a lift! Opens and closes very easily. Comfortable. Extends completely so compatible birth. Possibility of putting the cozy brand looping but necessary to remove the seat. Purchased with the all-terrain wheels which clip very easily and allow you to go for walks on paths. Very happy with our purchase!! I've only had this stroller since my son was born. It is small, light, practical, easy to fold and not expensive like some brands. I received it with a defect and it was exchanged. It is also easy to disassemble. I have already made several trips with it and I recommend it. It goes everywhere – metro, elevator… In short, we are conquered by the Squizz and its new accessories, no more questions to ask, the stroller that adapts everywhere AND without constraints! (#happymoms).

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