Its Just Black Friday #noblackfriday

Black Friday

You will have understood that we have parodied black friday to show you that we do not have discounts, sales or promotions and even less Black Friday because we fight 365 days a year to offer you a fair price all year round. 'year.

For us, if a brand can afford to make reductions of -50% one day, it is because it is 50% too expensive the other days.

Our pricing strategy is:

  • Selling a quality stroller for less than 300€ (259 euros today)
  • Control our prices so that it remains at this price wherever you find it, whether on Amazon, on our website or in a store
  • Stay all year round at the same price, no matter the time of year

So today, like many brands, we have symbolically raised the price of the Squizz stroller and its accessories by 50% to bring them back to the real price with a Black Friday reduction.

But what is Black Friday?

24 hours of promotions supposed to be massive to consume or over-consume. ⁠ ⁠This is what Black Friday is.⁠ ⁠ He invited himself to France, pushed by the giants of the net who saw it as a superb opportunity to do business.

Black Friday has a social and environmental cost, encouraging overconsumption and overproduction. ⁠

It is important to adopt simpler consumption and common sense for the planet 🌎🌱⁠.

How can we not think about what we leave behind when we are a company that manufactures strollers?

We do everything to make a Durable stroller, it's in our values

Our goal is to invite you to consume sustainable products responsibly. We sell quality products, made with passion and sold at the right price.

On our side, we are a French company,⁠ based in Montauban in the south-west of France. For 60 years, we've been making quality strollers that last.

We are looking for new, more eco-responsible materials that meet the constraints of European standards specific to childcare items.

We design our strollers to be modular, and if one day a part wears out, you can change that part without recommending a whole new stroller. A few weeks ago a customer told me that she bought her stroller at the very start of the Squizz 4 years ago and still uses it for each of her children.

We also deliver a lot of spare parts on our site to customers who have recovered a second-hand stroller and who want to give it a facelift by ordering new wheels or a new seat, for example. Certainly, we could sell more in another way, but that is not our main objective. We are proud when we were told that 4 years later and with daily use our Squizz stroller still holds up. We are proud when a customer thanks us because they are surprised that a used stroller is still in such good condition.

We hope that thanks to this, satisfied parents will tell their future parent friends and that the Squizz will be adopted more thanks to this than by paying a star tens of thousands of euros to influence the people who follow her news. .

This is our main objective: to satisfy parents who, like us, are looking for quality products for their children at a fair price.

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