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We asked 3 Professional Photographers for tips on how to take beautiful pictures of your baby

When you become a parent, you all ask yourself the same question: how do you get the right shot of your child? That's why we called on three professional photographers to give you advice on how to take pretty pictures of your baby.

When we become parents, we like to take our child's picture. But you're probably wondering how to get the right shot? What is the right angle? Where to take the photos?

Do not panic ! We called on three professional photographers, from different regions of France, who took the time to answer some of our questions. You can learn more about how to take cute photos of your baby.

Gwenaelle Avet

Photographer in Paris and its region - Immortalizes the simplest of life's greatest moments (family walks, a romantic picnic, the first days of your baby, etc.) 

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  • What is your favorite part of a photoshoot?

I love photographing parent/child bonds, moments of tenderness and complicity. And then the details that we quickly forget: the little toes, the gripping hands etc….

  • What is your favorite pose?

My vision of photography wants to be natural and authentic, I never pose families (or very rarely), that's why I don't have a favorite "pose".

  • Do you need a studio to take great photos?

In my opinion, no, the studio is not essential, but it all depends on the experience you want the families to have.

  • How to make the child feel comfortable with the photo?

It all depends on age, but obviously taking the time and above all loving children, loving sharing things with them, entering their worlds to understand them and have their cooperation. I don't hesitate to involve them and integrate them as much as possible into the session according to their age of course.

  • Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or indoors?

Difficult question ah ah, I would say outside for the beautiful lights. But I also like to come and immortalize beautiful memories in the heart of the family cocoon :).

  • Do you take photos of babies in their strollers?

The opportunity did not often arise, but my goal, being to document the life of families as it is, these are not photos that I refuse to take.

  • Do you put on music during your Shootings?

It all depends on the session, but actually, I sometimes work to music.

Stephanie Marle 

Studio in Moissy-Cramayel (77) - Shooting babies, children and family

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  • What is your favorite part of a photo shoot?

What I prefer in a baby shoot is being able to manipulate them in my own way. Seeing them in the arms of their parents poses so comfortably that the parents let themselves be carried away in a serene atmosphere.

  • What is your favorite pose?

My favorite pose is when the baby is in mom or dad's arms. This first photo has 3 ... I often have dads or moms who shed a little tear seeing their spouse so comfortably posed with their baby.

  • Do you need a studio to take great photos?

It's better I find a studio. The lighting is as the photographer wishes. It's a moment just for the family in a cozy place.

  • How to make the child feel comfortable with the photo?

For a baby to be comfortable, he must first be not hungry. That the room is properly heated and that everyone enjoys it.

  • Do you take photos of babies in their strollers?

I don't take pictures in his stroller.

  • Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or indoors?

For my part, I prefer indoor shooting (studio).


  • Do you put on music during your Shootings?

I put on music to start the session, it allows everyone to relax and even sometimes to dance a little bit, especially for my little darlings.

Estelle Chhor

Professional photographer since 2014, and mother of 4 children: a 12-year-old pre-teen and 9-year-old triplets. Specialist in birth and maternity photos, I also photograph the family in the broadest sense. The happiness of being together, the authenticity, the emotion and the richness of family ties, are at the center of my approach.

Based near Montpellier, I travel everywhere in France but more particularly around Hérault and Gard, to support families in the creation of their photographic and emotional heritage.

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  • What do you prefer in a baby shoot?

Tell in pictures, the story of this baby. Whether it's the story of his very first days, or that of his first steps, I like to capture his singularity, and everything that makes this little being unique.

I like to think that my photographs will constitute a part of his family heritage, and will help him to build himself later.

  • What is your favorite pose?

When I do a report or a photo shoot in lifestyle mode, the question does not really arise. Indeed, the shooting consists of capturing the first moments of the baby's life at home, his little daily routine with the rest of the family: bathing, a peaceful nap, a cuddle with mom and dad, a feeding, a massage , moments of awakening and connection…

So I don't pose. If necessary, I lightly guide the parents through familiar scenes of life, always leading to natural interactions with their little one.

But I also offer young parents studio photo shoots for their baby. In this case, these are posed photos (newborn posing). I don't have a room because for the comfort of families, I also travel to their homes with my mobile studio to take this kind of shot. I manipulate and position the baby myself on a secure support covered with a comfortable fabric bottom.

For newborn posing photos, my approach is as natural as possible. Respectful of the physiology of the newborn, I am a fan of uncluttered birth photos, and poses mainly on the back. I also accessorize very little. By using a large swaddle or a beautiful woolen cloth on a soothed baby, well positioned and comfortably installed, you can obtain very beautiful, simple and authentic images. A newborn baby is so beautiful that, in my opinion, it is not worth overdoing it. My adage: “Less is more”

As you will have understood, my favorites are the physiological poses, carried out at the child's pace, and taking into account their needs, whether in terms of physical or emotional security.

  • Do you need a studio to take great photos?

No not at all !

In my opinion, and this only commits me, as long as there is authenticity, connection, sharing, there will necessarily be an emotion. And when emotion is at the rendezvous, beauty is never far away. All of these things can take place during a studio session as well as during an outdoor or home shoot.

For my part, it is not in the studio, but always with great sincerity that I transcribe what moves me in everyday life: a gesture, a smile, a tender look, a scene of life, a small or a big event. , a detail that is not a detail… I like to create with my heart to see the beauty in everything emerge in my images.

  • How to make the child feel comfortable with the photo?

Give him a good time!

Whether for parents or children, I like everyone to have a great experience!

A child should never feel pressured to smile, not move, or stare at the camera during a photoshoot. It's torture for these little free electrons (this also applies to adults)! In my opinion, there is nothing worse!

A photo session is a wonderful opportunity to experience some quality family time. Play and movement are my best friends when it comes to preserving children's natural spontaneity. So I often invite parents to let go, to really play with their children, and to really enjoy it. Finally, I don't hesitate to interact with them myself and have fun sincerely!

All this makes it possible to obtain real bursts of laughter, pretty authentic faces and beautiful spontaneous shots, which will also be the precious memory of pleasant moments.

  • Do you ever deal with uncooperative children?

This happens to me very rarely, because as I just explained, I go through the game and general fun. I also leave the children the freedom to be themselves and to express their emotions at the time.

Personally, I really don't have any problem capturing sometimes little pouting pouts, the dark look of a two-year-old child in the middle of a period of opposition, a little outburst of anger, in short, anything that can bear witness to what can be a child at some time. All these authentic memories are beautiful and deserve to be immortalized. They tell a story and in my opinion have more meaning than a big strained smile obtained on demand.

  • Do you take pictures of baby in stroller?

This indeed happens to me, especially when I produce an {extra} ordinary daily report. The stroller is an omnipresent object in a baby's life! It therefore has its place in the photographic memories of a family!

  • Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or indoors?

I love both, but the indoor photos, in the homes of the families who entrust me with creating their memories, are my favorites!

It's great to be able to take advantage of the most beautiful things nature offers us over the seasons, for my outdoor photo shoots, but what I love above all is creating images that make sense and that tell the story of a family. For that there is nothing better than to find them at home, and to immerse myself in the intimacy of the home?

  • Do you put on music during your Shootings?

Yes, often ! Especially during newborn studio sessions. Music promotes a relaxing atmosphere, it makes the moment even more pleasant, and sometimes it inspires me!

Now, taking pretty photos of your baby has no more secrets for you! To your cameras!