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We interviewed 2 Baby Planners

Are you future parents, and you ask yourself a lot of questions about the arrival of baby? Don't worry, the Baby Planners are here!

Are you future parents, and you ask yourself a lot of questions about the arrival of baby? Don't worry, the Baby Planners are here!

We interviewed 2 Baby Planners, Natacha Bossard and The Parents Factory, who will shed some light on this booming profession.

Nice Baby

Nice Baby

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  • Why are more and more parents using a baby planner?

Nowadays, the family model has evolved: the parental couple works and both parents have professional responsibilities, the grandparents are sometimes geographically distant or still work... At the same time, brands are increasingly offering more novelties and varied products, childcare methods are sometimes difficult to find... This means that future or young parents can feel lost in the face of all these possibilities and procedures. This is why they decide to call on professionals to help and relieve them in preparing for the arrival and the first months of the baby!

  • Who is your typical customer?

The clientele is quite varied: it may be couples who don't know where to start and don't have time to find childcare. Or even a mother lost in the face of all the childcare equipment on offer, who wants help and advice to make her list and her birth kit.

Besides, I speak English. My location in Nice therefore allows me to help future or young international parents present on the Côte d'Azur. The latter, often far from their families and do not know the French medical system well. My help is therefore invaluable to them for the administrative procedures, the search for childcare or even putting them in touch with suitable health professionals.

  • How does an accompaniment take place in general terms?

Before starting support, it is very important that I meet the future parents, during a free appointment, in person or by videoconference (Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc.). On the one hand, this allows parents to get to know me better. And at the same time, it allows me to ask them specific questions and thus analyze their needs. Following this interview, I therefore send them a detailed quote for fully adapted support. If they accept my proposal, the support begins depending on the services chosen. The service will be more or less long and regular depending on the needs.

  • How did you become a baby planner?

In 2017, during my pregnancy, I realized that future parents were very supervised from a medical point of view. But outside this area, there was a vacuum and very few professionals to advise you on the logistical and material aspects. After some research, I discovered the profession of Baby Planner. It was THE revelation. So I decided to train myself in the professions of birth companion (doula) and Baby Planner at the Cybèle School in Canada, the French-speaking subsidiary of the International Parenting and Health Institute. This is how NICE BABY, my 2nd baby was born 😊

  • Of course the question was going to come out 😇, what is your approach to recommending a stroller? 😉

The first thing is that the stroller must adapt to the age and number of children as well as the budget of the parents. It must also comply with French or European standards. Then, I check that the stroller fits well with the lifestyle of the parents. This therefore involves many criteria related to ergonomics (weight, size, folding, position and installation of the child, etc.), as well as ease (maneuverability) and duration of use . Finally, I check that useful accessories will be compatible with the stroller (rain cover or parasol, etc.).

  • Do you support parents after the birth of their child?

Of course ! The postpartum period, also called the 4th trimester of pregnancy, is a pivotal period for the new family. Everyone must get to know each other, find their place and become familiar with their new role. Knowing that the nights are often short and that the rhythm and daily tasks are turned upside down by the arrival of the newborn… Not to mention that dads return to work (too) quickly…

Thus, providing support to parents during this period is essential. In the "return home" Pack in particular, I help future parents before birth, to organize and anticipate the first days with baby. After giving birth, I go to their house twice. During these visits, I advise them on how to organize themselves better, I answer their questions and I relieve them according to their needs. Sometimes, if necessary, I am simply present and listening to them. If I identify a particular difficulty, I refer them to qualified health professionals. In short, I put myself at their disposal!

  • Are you preparing moms for returning to work after maternity leave?

Returning to work is an important period in the lives of young mothers. It is important to accompany them so that they approach this period in the best possible way. The fact that they have a mode of childcare that suits them and that they have time to make a good adaptation is essential. This will allow them to end their maternity leave more peacefully. The search for childcare is therefore a very useful service in preparing to return to work.

  • What budget should parents plan to use a baby planner?

The variety of services makes it possible to adapt to all budgets. Indeed, at NICE BABY, the services start at €80 for a 1h30 consultation on a theme of your choice and go up to €2400 for a complete follow-up for 9 months. Many services are in a price range between 250 and 450 €.

  • Any advice for future and new parents?

There is so much advice to give that the best would be: Dare to be accompanied to calmly approach the birth of your child 😉

The Parents Factory

The parents factory

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The article will appear in the "Press" section of the site The Parents Factory .

    • Why are more and more parents using a baby planner?

    Have the choice of your mode of consumption thanks to our neutral and informed advice. They favor the useful over the futile and are masters of their choice. Many also become aware of the change in life that awaits them and prefer to be supported in a benevolent way. Calling on our agency offers them all of this on a silver platter.

    • Who is your typical customer?

    Young working man, in his thirties, who choose serenity and think about their well-being, to better live this great upheaval.

    • How does an accompaniment take place in general terms? How did you become a baby planner?

    My personal experience has served me well, I must say. As a mum, certain issues jump out at us and the first was the lack of answers to my fears as a young mum. A personalized accompaniment that did not exist. I then threw myself headlong into this ideal, where benevolence and listening take precedence above all, so that future parents are better supported. I trained as a baby planner and I regularly train in different practices that help me support the parents of tomorrow.

    • Of course the question was going to come out 😇, what is your approach to recommending a stroller?

    Listening to parents' needs is essential: frequency of use, type of car, lift or not, desired design...

    • Do you support parents after the birth of their child?

    It happened to me yes. For personal shopping and childcare equipment recommendations because contrary to popular belief, everything should not be purchased before birth, but must be adapted to your baby according to its morphology, such as deckchairs by example.

    • Are you preparing moms for returning to work after maternity leave ?

    Oh yes ! The phase of adaptation of the baby to his mode of care is a subject that comes up every time, but we speak very little about that of the mother (or dad) who returns to work after his holidays. At The Parents Factory, we make a point of talking about this subject prenatally to avoid surprises and prepare the parents' minds for this separation which most often occurs in the first year of the baby's life.

    • What budget should parents plan to hire a baby planner ?

    Our offers start at €39.90 (for a recommendation in childcare equipment) and can go up to a few hundred euros for all support combined - it all depends on the parents' needs.

    • Any advice for future and new parents?

    Trust yourself! Maybe a little "boat" but so true! Listen to yourself and leave out what you may be encouraged to do. "Being in control of your choices" is the first thing to learn when you become a parent. And know that you can count on qualified professionals to support you, so don't hesitate to ask for help, we are here for you!

    And you, are you going to use a Baby Planner before the baby arrives?