Quelle draisienne choisir selon l'âge de mon enfant ?

Which balance bike to choose according to the age of my child?

3-wheel balance bikes are ideal as early learning toys. They allow children to practice before moving on to bikes. To support children in their progress, there are progressive toys that adapt to the age of your children. From balance bikes and baby tricycles to 3-wheel or 2-wheel scooters, children can explore motor skills at their own pace. You will find in this article everything that is good to know about our evolutionary balance bike: the Scootizz.

3-wheel balance bikes are ideal as early learning toys. They allow children to practice before moving on to bikes. As we mentioned in our previous article, children go through different stages of development to learn to master these vehicles like grown-ups.

To support children in their progress, there are progressive toys that adapt to the age of your children. From balance bikes and baby tricycles to 3-wheel or 2-wheel scooters, children can explore motor skills at their own pace. You will find in this article everything that is good to know about our evolutionary balance bike: the Scootizz. Designed for the comfort of children and imagined for the needs of parents, this balance bike has been designed to accompany girls and boys for many years.

From what age do we start riding a balance bike?

We consider that children can climb on their cars when they start to stand on their own. This is between the age of 10 and 20 months which is also when your little ones take their first steps. But be aware that even if the child does not fully master walking, he can still use the balance bike with our bar which transforms it into a push balance bike. Your baby will be able to learn little by little to use the balance bike. On top of that, it's a great transition from stroller to two-wheeled vehicle. Thanks to its ergonomics, the Scootizz balance bike has other small advantages that make it an excellent little bike for children:

  • Its footrest: it allows your little ones to easily step over their cars. The seat is 29 cm from the ground. His crotch must therefore be a little higher than this height if he wants to move forward alone. However, if you use the push bar, your little ones will still be able to enjoy it!
  • Its stability: the Scootizz is a little heavier than other evolutionary balance bikes: it weighs 20 kg. However, it is light enough not to prevent the child from moving forward. We have chosen to offer a solid product that offers maximum stability to the child and thus prevents falls. Seeing that they have little risk of falling, the children are reassured and do not hesitate to start.
  • The quality of the wheels for smooth driving: to make driving the balance bike even easier, we have chosen high-speed wheels thanks to an integrated ball bearing. This allows the little ones to be able to move forward easily even if they still have little strength in their legs. They will thus be able, from an early age, to start playing sports without even realizing it!

balance bike-baby-girl-boy-1 year

  • The possibility of choosing between a 3-wheel balance bike or a 2-wheel balance bike: Always in this idea of ​​offering the best possible stability, we give the possibility of spreading the rear wheels to position them as you wish. All you have to do is choose the one you think is the most comfortable and forward! The front wheel is large enough to keep the balance, but does not impede the fluidity of the movement.

Balance bike-3wheels-2wheels-child

 As you will have understood, this balance bike is completely modular. As a result, the Scootizz does not require children to adapt since it adapts to their pace and above all to their needs.

Bike or balance bike?

If learning the Scootizz starts very early, it will take a few more years for the bike. Indeed, it requires a longer period of learning which begins around the age of 4 years with the small wheels. There are also small children's bikes with and without stabilizers, but again, the child must already have a minimum balance control. The balance bike is the right compromise since it allows the child to learn to position himself properly on his vehicle for his future learning of the bike.

An evolving tricycle for babies

To switch from a balance bike to a bicycle with ease, you must also learn to pedal. Our balance bike with its pedals turns into a tricycle in no time. By using his evolving tricycle, your child will learn to coordinate his movements and strengthen his muscles.

We have chosen to store the pedals under the Scootizz seat so that you always have them available. Thus, you can place them in 2 seconds as soon as your child is ready (and like the first steps, this can happen at any time).

As in the balance bike position, the Scootizz turns into a push tricycle. If your child is tired from pedaling all day on a ride, all you have to do is help him with our directional cane.


And after the balance bike, what 3-wheel scooter for young children?

As soon as your children have acquired the necessary motor skills, the Scootizz becomes an evolving scooter.

As a result, it acts as a first age scooter. Thanks to its 3-wheel position, it is very suitable for beginners. Each child begins to use the scooter at their own pace, some begin at the age of 2 years.

The 3-wheel scooter position of the Scootizz combines the ideal characteristics to put children in the best learning conditions.

First of all, the tray rests at the foot of the scooter is located close enough to the ground for children to find their balance from the start. In addition, thanks to its width, this scooter offers great stability to the child.

We have also chosen to offer you a scooter with adjustable handlebars to the size of your children. Because we know your little wolves are growing at lightning speed. That's why you have the possibility to adjust your handlebars with 3 different positions. Your scooter thus goes from a height of 75 cm to that of 82 cm.

For this reason, the scooter is completely scalable since it adapts even to older children. We have had the Scootizz tested by several children of different ages, and their mothers can confirm that they have all become great speed professionals!



Now you know which scooter to choose. ;)

3 wheel or 2 wheel scooter

The scooter has become the favorite game of children and once they have managed to get started, nothing stops them! That's why we chose to add the 2-wheel scooter position to our Scootizz. In general, children no longer use the two rear wheels of the scooter from the age of 4 years.


The 2-wheel child scooter will allow him to practice balance more independently. To choose the right child's scooter, there are a few criteria not to be overlooked, because they are real everyday companions.

First of all, quality is a guarantee of safety, which is why you must ensure the solidity of your 2-wheel scooter. We have chosen to design our product with robust materials. The Scootizz scooter is able to support up to a weight of 50 kg. This capacity confirms that you can count on it to withstand all the races and rides of children on their cars.

Quality also means durability. We have therefore made every effort to ensure that the scooter accompanies you for many years. For example, we have chosen to offer you a completely waterproof product. Right down to the wheels, the Scootizz is resistant to earth, sand, water... Your little wolves can ride anywhere without you having to worry about their racing car. A jet of water on the way back and here we go again! Note that the Scootizz is mainly made of plastic, which allows it to withstand outdoor use very well.

The size of the wheels of your scooter is also to be taken into account since the larger they are, the better they resist the distances traveled. This criterion is all the more important if you are used to taking rough roads or with small stones, because the scooter will slide less well.

There are other important criteria for the safety of your children, in particular the brakes which are of course essential on the scooter. You have the choice between front brake or rear brake. For a 2-wheel scooter, the best device is the rear braking system which will allow you to exert pressure on the slat for more effective braking.

Finally, don't forget, wearing a helmet for children has become compulsory since March 1, 2017. Don't forget to buy it. Otherwise, it will cost you a fine of 135 euros. Also remember to offer him protections for the elbows, knees and wrists for even more safety.


Right down to the packaging of your evolutionary balance bike, everything has been thought out for your children!

Know that we have thought of everything for your children, right down to the packaging. The icing on the cake: we have chosen 100% cardboard Scootizz packaging. This year, Looping has chosen to be part of an eco-responsible approach by removing all single-use plastic from its packaging, starting with its new products. This initiative was taken because by protecting our planet, we protect the future of our children. As a brand of childcare, it therefore seemed obvious to us to bring our stone to the building.

Finally, here's a last bonus, but not least: your Scootizz packaging could be useful to you. Cardboard can be recycled into toys. As a Wednesday activity, you can choose DIY workshops to keep the children busy. We recommend this article by Marie-Claire which gives you 32 ideas for toys to make with cardboard.

A few tips for your outdoor outings on scooters, balance bikes and tricycles.

Now that you know which scooter and which balance bike to choose, all you have to do is prepare for your outdoor outings. The sun is shining, it's time to take advantage of it. You are spoiled for choice to occupy your little wolves during these long holidays. For example, you can consider:

1) The famous outdoor walks: because if children sometimes tend to drag their feet, you will see that with the Scootizz, they will only ask for more. And then in this very special year, it's time to (re)discover your beautiful regions. Consult the tourist guides, make an itinerary and go for superb walks with your little ones on their vehicles. Returns from rides can sometimes be a bit complicated, but that's when you will see the great usefulness of our push bar. ;)

2) Courses on a scooter, balance bike, tricycle: if it's a little too hot for a ride, you can consider an afternoon in the garden or an outing to the park. And so that he never gets bored you can organize some games to challenge them. Also, if your child is having a little trouble with one of the Scootizz positions, this is a fun way to teach them. There are many trail games on board their vehicles to train them and give them confidence. Here are some ideas:

  • Obstacle courses: prepare a circuit that your children will have to run with the position of the Scootizz of their choice. You can place objects that they will have to pass over or go around. You can also add boxes or baskets in which the children must put small objects.
  • Reverse races: during which the children will have to run the whole race backwards.
  • The game red light / green light: this game is very similar to the famous game of one two three sun. Stand about 10-15 meters away from the players. When you face from a distance, you shout: "Green light". Children can roll towards you until you shout "Red Light" and spin around. The goal is for them to stop before you start spinning. The first person to hit you wins the game. This game is perfect for teaching them to stop and brake.

3) Discovery rides on their cars: for curious children, you can organize outings that will allow them to discover the environment around them. For example, treasure hunts on scooters, balance bikes or tricycles will help them discover nature. Choose a location (local garden, park or wood) and encourage your children to find nature's treasures. You can give them challenges: the one who will make the most beautiful bouquet of leaves/flowers or the one who will bring back the most beautiful stone.


These activities can motivate your children even more to develop their motor skills. So have fun and let your imagination run wild to create new activities.

We hope this article answers your questions about our evolutionary balance bike. Do not hesitate to contact us on our networks if you need to know more. We also invite you to read this article: how the Scootizz stimulates the development of their motor skills.