How to choose a compact stroller that suits you in 2021?

Comment choisir une poussette compacte qui vous correspond en 2021?

There Squizz is the compact stroller that suits you. Thanks to its ergonomics, it adapts to you, to all your needs, and even to your personality. Whether you are a city mom, a globe-trotting mom, an outdoor mom or a working mom, this is the compact stroller for you!

Rather city or rather countryside?

No matter where you prefer to walk, the Squizz accompanies you in all your escapades. Thanks to our all-terrain wheels that you can add to your stroller , you can go anywhere you want, and even on the beach!


A featherweight, even for small arms!

With a weight of only 6.7 kg, anyone can wear the Squizz easily. We have also chosen to add a handle on our product so that you can pull your compact stroller when folded.

It fits in all car trunks.

This compact stroller even fits in your car. 4x4 or city car, you can store it without worries in your trunk.


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