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Scootizz balance bike
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5 in 1 scalable balance bike with steering bar
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Tapis d’éveil interactif multilingue Magic Mat Play Mats Looping baby Magic Mat : le tapis d'éveil interactif multilingue Play Mats Looping baby
Magic Mat play mat
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Multifunctional evolving mat: awakening, games, musical and multilingual
Dodoo travel cot
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Compact and designer folding bed for babies
Fitted sheet for travel cot
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Ultra-soft 100% organic French sheet for travel cot
Coomfy deckchair
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Natural swinging baby bouncer
To promote baby's awakening, a multitude of equipment, toys and childcare accessories exist. At Looping, we offer you the perfect products to accompany babies in their development, whatever their age. Of course, after play, baby needs to rest. Discover the Looping products to accompany baby in sleep. How to promote baby's awakening? To promote baby's awakening, Looping accompanies you on a daily basis to encourage baby's development. For example, an awakening mat is part of the essential equipment. From the first months, simply place baby on his activity mat, arrange a few toys around him and let him discover his environment. Depending on the model, the activity mat can be useful for several years. In addition, because language learning is also part of your child's awakening, Looping has created an interactive multilingual awakening mat suitable for both young and old. To encourage your child's motor skills, an evolving balance bike is ideal. To avoid having to choose between a bike, a balance bike or a scooter, opt for the Scootizz by Looping! Food diversification is also part of baby's awakening. To begin diversification, baby must be comfortably installed. To do this, you can opt for a high chair or a table seat. The table seat has the advantage of taking up less space and being portable. What type of bedding for babies? Choosing a suitable baby bed is essential. The best bed for your child is one that not only suits their needs but also your lifestyle. Do you often go away for the weekend or on vacation with the family? Are you looking for a lightweight travel cot that doesn't take up space in the trunk? Are you traveling by train and need a compact travel cot that can fit in a bag? The ultra-lightweight compact travel cot from Looping is made for you. A compact travel cot has the advantage of following you wherever you go. And if you can easily carry your travel cot in a bag, that's even better! At birth, babies like to feel contained like in their mother's womb. Thus, some babies have difficulty sleeping in a cot, which is too big for them. For the first few months, a carrycot or bassinet is more suited to their needs. For example, during naps, the bassinet can be placed in the living room. Thus, baby continues to hear everyday noises and feels reassured. During walks, the carrycot is ideal for baby naps.