If you are here, it is because you care about the quality of your products, and we thank you for your trust. Know that we test ourselves with our children all the products we present!

Looping was created 20 years ago by René with the aim of offering premium childcare items at reasonable prices .

At that time, he noticed that the choice of future parents in terms of baby equipment was very limited between first-price brands and a few well-known brands with quality products but sometimes excessive prices. Looping was born from the bet that by investing more in the product than in the marketing, it could offer quality products that customers would be grateful for and talk about.

20 years and tens of thousands of strollers sold later we still have the same motivation. Some things have changed, but our mission remains the same and can be summed up in three points.

A quality childcare article that lasts over time to the test of several children 😘

We create strollers for real life, tough strollers. As parents we have also put our strollers to the test ourselves. Our pushchairs are designed to swallow the loaded kilometers like mules...

squizz looping mule compact stroller

Each product is created with the idea that we will use it for our children and recommend it to our loved ones.

For 20 years, our after-sales service team based in Montauban in France has been responding to all requests from parents who have placed their trust in us by purchasing our products. We follow the evolution of our strollers long after they have been sold, and we are constantly improving ourselves by taking into account all your feedback.

Without having waited for the anti-waste law, we have always applied the principles of durability and repairability. In our warehouses in Montauban we keep a stock of spare parts to send them to you quickly if necessary. We are proud to be able to quickly deliver a part to you for a stroller that we sold over 15 years ago. And it happens!

As young or future parents we have to invest in many new products that we never thought of before. Every purchase is an investment for our family. We are aware that the stroller is a substantial investment, which is why we seek to create quality products, one of the key elements of which is safety.

Safety first ! At Looping we have more than 20 years of experience in child safety, so much so that we are seconded experts to the European Commission in charge of standardization.

Your baby's safety is a very important thing that needs to be considered holistically. There is no point, for example, in having a state-of-the-art car seat in an old and dangerous car. The first thing to do for the development of a standard or for the design of a childcare product intended for children is to carry out a risk analysis taking into account the age, weight and capacity of the child. child for whom it is intended.

These risks can be classified into 2 main categories:

  • mechanical risks such as possible pinching, falling, etc. In this approach, it is necessary to take into account the product, but also the foreseeable use of the parents and the potential behavior of the baby.
  • chemical risks, due to the prolonged contact of the child with materials such as fabric for example.

The essential references in this area are the official standards implemented at European level and included in French law.

As such, we are an active volunteer member of the French commission for standardization and of the corresponding European commission which drafts and develops standards. We lead one of the 7 European working groups which allows us to be at the heart of the latest innovations, concerns and problems encountered with certain products. Within this commission, we rub shoulders with representatives of laboratories, inspection authorities, consumer associations, industrialists from all over Europe and each bringing their constructive experience. Nothing is perfect of course, but in the children's world, we are all united and in agreement on the idea of ​​making products “as safe as possible for our children”.

In order to remain vigilant on the evolution of the standards, we are since 2000 experts with the afnor - French Association of standardization (French number 1 of the third-party certification) both at the French level and at the European level ( CEN ) and recently at international level ( ISO ).

When there is no specific standard for a product, we carry out a risk analysis based on the requirements of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/ceet) we build specifications with certified laboratories using existing standards and suitable tests.

To carry out the conformity tests, we only use accredited French laboratories: LNE, Pourquery, SGS France for the mechanical part and SGS (Europe and Asia) for the chemical part.

In addition, we carefully select our partner factories in France and abroad. All of our production sites are regularly audited by our own teams and/or by external bodies, both socially and technically. The environmental dimension has also been taken into account for many years and we wish to further strengthen this vital aspect for the planet and humanity.

Each generation of new parents brings new needs, Looping listens to you.

We are our first consumers and we raise our standards for our own children first and foremost.

Parenting is an exhilarating experience and we're here to support you with products that give you the best experience.

It is by listening to you that we offer practical products that correspond to the everyday life of young parents. Every year in France around 750,000 births fill our lives with happiness and we are very grateful to be able to support parents in this happiness by making their lives easier with practical products.

Each new generation creates new needs. For example, compact strollers have only been around for a few years. Our dear Squizz compact stroller was created 4 years ago by Audrey to meet the new needs of parents who want a compact stroller that does not take up space in a small apartment, in the trunk of a city car and which easily takes you to the airplane cabin to go on a trip and arouse your child's curiosity from an early age.

In our design process, nothing is left to chance, every detail counts. To make the best stroller we constantly ask ourselves how to improve it. Regularly, our products evolve and improve over time like a good wine. Like for example the Oakland Stroller which has been around for 10 years and the Apollo Stroller which has already been around for 5 years and which also has good years ahead of it.

If we tell you all this, it is because we are proud of our history because it is personal. Looping is a family business that is currently in transition from René to his children Audrey and Alexandre. This new generation is committed to perpetuating these missions and to being more innovative for the respect of the planet and for the development of new products.

Here are our sustainable development commitments (link).

We're not perfect, but we're improving with our experience and your feedback. If you wish to submit ideas for new products, I invite you to write me an email at squizz@looping-baby.com .

🙏 Thanks for reading this far

Discover our universes Squizz compact stroller, Oakland (link) 3-wheel stroller (also available in duo and trio) and the Apollo double stroller for twins or close children (link)