Note to user: This is an ISOFIX CHILD RESTRAINT. It is approved under Regulation No. 44, 04 series of amendments, for use in a vehicle equipped with ISOFIX anchorage systems. This child restraint belongs to the "semi-universal" category, and can be installed on the seats of the vehicles listed in the appendix to the manual. This device can also be used in the seats of vehicles other than those given in the appendix to the manual. If in doubt, please consult the manufacturer or retailer of the child restraint. It can be installed in vehicles with seats approved as ISOFIX positions (see the vehicle's user manual), depending on the category of the child restraint system and the size. The mass group and ISOFIX size class for which this device is suitable is: 0+ (up to 13 kg) class D Approval number 045154. Never use this device in a seated position where an inflatable bag (air bag) is installed.