To prolong the life of your childcare product, keep it clean and do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

Rinse thoroughly and let the product air dry, preferably out of direct sunlight. In some cases (climate, storage location, etc.), coatings and edges may be affected by mould. To avoid this, do not fold or store the product if it is damp or wet.

Always store the product in a well-ventilated room. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or sunlight may cause the materials and colors of the product to fade.

Regularly check the wear of the wheels and remove any impurities (dust, sand, etc.).

This product is not suitable for use at the water's edge as sand and especially salt water cause early wear and lead to rust formation. If the wheels squeak, use silicone spray, making sure it gets into the wheel and axle assembly.

In the event of replacement of parts or repairs, use only parts supplied by the manufacturer. CAUTION product maintenance is an integral part of the warranty.