This car seat is compatible from birth up to 13 kg according to the R44 standard.

Compatibility Looping Baby Gr0+ car seat or 1st age shell fixed by belt

Regarding the 1st age shell, you can attach it with the seat belt in almost all vehicles on the market on a front or rear seat.

The airbag for the seat concerned must be deactivated.

Compatibility 1st age shell fixed with the Isofix base option

With the Isofix base available as an option, you can "clip" the Gr0+ car seat on the Isofix base fixed in your car by Isofix.

This facilitates handling and ensures a secure fit of your case in your car.

For information: The Isofix device has become mandatory for vehicle models built since February 2006. Some manufacturers have started to install it in their vehicles since 2001.

/!\ The isofix system may be present in your car without it being clearly indicated (see the vehicle guide or with the dealer).

If you have any doubts, we can be reached at to send you the updated list of compatible vehicles and check that you can install the Isofix base in your vehicle.