The Scootizz: the first 5-in-1 balance bike

An exclusive evolutionary balance bike

The Scootizz is an exclusive product because it offers 2 functions that you will not find in any other evolutionary balance bike.

First, our product has the tricycle function: it has everything of a bicycle. On top of that, there is a dedicated compartment for stowing the pedals. Second, the Scootizz comes with its push bar. But beware, this is not a classic push bar because it is directional . You can control your child's steering the way you want and your baby can steer too if they want (just turn a dial).

There are also several advantages to buying our evolutionary balance bike. First of all, it is a durable product . The Scootizz is made to accompany your child for several years: from 1 year to 50 kilos. This represents an economic advantage for parents, you do not have to buy several different toys. Another advantage: you don't need any tools to switch from one position to another, everything is done using the buttons.

⚠️ Watch out! In balance bike configuration, the toy must be used by a child who can walk. ⚠️

Push bar: I am reassured

The steering bar is an essential accessory for you and for your baby. You can control the direction of your child for your walks in complete safety. Little more ? When baby is tired and no longer wants to pedal, you can push him without having to wear the Scootizz.

3-wheel balance bike: I'm learning stability

Taking his first steps on a two-wheeler is already a big step for baby and it can sometimes scare him. You now have the possibility of having another intermediate step: the 3-wheel balance bike. Your child will find even more stability before riding confidently with the classic balance bike.

2-wheel balance bike: I master the balance

After gaining confidence on the 3-wheel balance bike, it's time for your child to gradually gain autonomy. The 2-wheel balance bike helps your child learn and master their balance.

Tricycle: I'm learning to pedal

Your child is growing up and wants to discover another way to have fun. The tricycle is the perfect intermediate function to accompany your child in his development.

3-wheel scooter: I go safely

Autonomy is acquired. Your child wants to look like a grown-up but still wants to be reassured. The 3-wheel scooter allows him to evolve in his motor skills while having stability.

2-wheel scooter: I have everything of a big-e

Here we are ! Your big baby is now able to use his scooter 100% independently. No more help, it can flourish until the end of its growth.

We're talking about our evolutionary balance bike!

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4 colors according to your tastes

Ocean Blue


Almond green

high red

Gold button

The tricycle function

We are the only ones to offer a tricycle in a 5-in-1 balance bike. Essential for the development of your child's gross motor skills, the tricycle is essential for him.

The steering bar

You will see directional bars on other balance bikes… But we are the only ones to make a directional push bar. And yes, with the Scootizz you can control your child's direction. You can also leave the steering to him with the handlebars thanks to the wheel which blocks the rotation of the front wheel.

Location for storing pedals

If you go from the tricycle position to another position, know that we have made a space dedicated to storing pedals. Do not leave the pedals hooked to the wheels, at the risk of damaging them more quickly.

Easily scalable

From balance bike to scooter

With one hand, simultaneously press the 2 white buttons on either side of the Scootizz. With the other hand, raise the seat.

For tricycle function

With one hand, keep the white button pressed under the Scootizz board. On the other, slide the foot.

From 3 wheels to 2 wheels

With one hand, push in the white button right next to the wheel on top. At the same time, rotate the wheel outward. There are 2 position notches depending on the function of the Scootizz. To put the wheels back in the 2-wheel position, remember to spread the Scootizz's feet apart.

Dimensions of the Scootizz