Please download the following file to update the Magic Mat pen software

Pen Update Instructions

Please follow the video instructions to update the pen.

  1. Click on the link above (available here ) to download the update
  2. Check that the stylus is off, unscrew the cover where the batteries are located using the screwdriver and remove the batteries
  3. Connect the pen to your computer using the cable provided in the Magic Mat box
  4. Go to your downloads, the file appears as update.chp
  5. Open pen-related device
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded file to the pen device
  7. Unplug the stylus
  8. Put the batteries back in place and screw the battery cover back on
  9. Turn the pen back on, then wait for the first update initiation and then update success message.
  10. Turn off and on the stylus. There you go, you can play with your stylus