Squizz 3 compact stroller
The perfect compact stroller

With a light weight, compact dimensions and optimized accessories, the Squizz 3 compact stroller is your best ally when traveling with your baby.

The essential accessories for a complete stroller

The bassinet carrycot

Ideal as an extra bed for the first months of your newborn. You can carry it everywhere without waking your child. It complies with bassinet and pram standards: a harness is therefore not necessary.

The handle extension and control +10cm

The extension handle is suitable for tall people and provides long-term comfort. It also allows better control of the stroller: it becomes much more manageable with one hand.

All-terrain wheels

75% of parents order them because they bring the comfort of a large stroller to a compact stroller. With the large wheels, the stroller supports a higher weight (20kg max). They change quickly and require no tools.

The ultra light Gr0+/1 car seat

Weighing less than 3kg, this shell is carried at arm's length and clips very easily to the stroller but also to the car.

Rain cover version 3

Version 3 of the rain cover has been improved and now covers the entire stroller including all the textile part.

The Squiz Board

The Squizz Board makes it easy for parents to walk two toddlers. Simply install the attachments on the stroller and attach the skateboard to it.

Our 5 new colors

Pink, Expresso, Intense grey, Navy blue or Khaki? You choose ! We regularly work on developing new ones following the trend with the seasons. 🍂

The UPF 50+ anti-UV sun visor

Stored under the front of the canopy, the anti-UV sun visor protects your child from the sun's rays during your walks. It fits under the basket thanks to its transparent bands.

A 5-point magnetic harness

Version 3 of the Squizz 3 compact stroller still has a 5-point harness but with one particularity: it is an auto-lock magnetic harness.

The small regulatory window

You can now regulate the temperature of the stroller. When it is cold, install the plastic membrane at the window so that your child does not feel the wind in his stroller. When the weather warms up, let the window nets cool your baby.