You asked yourself a lot of questions about your (future) pregnancy, or your life as a mom that will soon arrive. Or were you just curious? Here are the answers to all our questions asked in our little quiz.

1. We first asked you at what age on average does a child start lying? Indeed, it is proven that children start lying as early as 5 years old. Don't panic though, twisting the truth is part of a preschooler's natural development. From the age of 2 (for precocious children) until the age of 5, a child can lie or distort the truth to avoid being scolded or to please more. This is completely normal. He is at an age where he does not differentiate between good and bad intentions. For parents, this should not necessarily be taken as a problem. It is after the age of 6, when he differentiates imagination from reality, that he will stop (or not) telling little lies!


2. At what age on average is a child potty trained at night? Well all the answers can be true! In general, a child will be potty trained at night rather around the age of 3 , (six to twelve months after the potty acquired during the day) but this can vary greatly from one child to another. And to say, 3% of children will be clean at 14!

3. As far as the rules of the road are concerned, you may be wondering whether what age is a child allowed to ride in the front of the car? Well, it's from 10 years old . While waiting to reach the required age, the child must imperatively sit in the back, properly installed in a restraint system allowing the seat belt to be fastened. Once the age of 10 is reached, a child can ride in the front of a car like any adult passenger. If during a roadside check, a child under 10 rides in front of a car, the driver is considered responsible for the offence. Also, he will be fined a fixed amount of 135 euros, which will be accompanied by a withdrawal of 3 points on his driving license. However, this type of offense is rarely sanctioned, but gives rise to a verbal warning.

4. But some exceptions exist. A child under the age of 10 can ride in the front of a car if the vehicle is not equipped with a rear seat/seat belt AND if the child is seated "rear facing" in an approved car seat.

5. From what age can your child, in general, start vegetable purées as well as fruit panades? From 4 months . At first, a few spoons will suffice, take it easy, this moment of pleasure introduces the baby to a new way of eating. If the child is not ready to eat from a spoon, try again a few days later. Be patient, baby feeding diversity takes time. Some will prefer to start with fruits, others with vegetables, to each his tastes and his rhythm. You are now ready to prepare your baby's first meals.

6. From what age is milk no longer sufficient to cover a baby's needs? The correct answer was 6 months.

7. Thanks to an animal companion, the child builds his own personality, gradually experiments with new activities in the company of his best friend and gains confidence in his own actions. Growing up, the child will learn a sense of responsibility towards the animal as well as respect for life. His presence stimulates the creativity of the child and offers new games that would not be possible if he were alone. Unlike a doll or a stuffed animal, the animal reacts to its requests, and sometimes even outbids it. Your child thus experiences the living. So the correct answer was of course... All the answers! The presence of an animal in the home:

  • Stimulates baby's inventiveness
  • Strengthens the child's immunity (physiological benefits)
  • And mobilizes the sensory, emotional and affective sphere, more than intellectual.

8. At 22 weeks of pregnancy (beginning of the second trimester), the fetus measures 28 cm and weighs about 550 grams.

9. From how many weeks does the fetus react to external stimuli (voice, touch, etc.)? Well from 24 weeks ladies (and gentlemen)!

10. Finally, the sex of the baby becomes apparent and can be seen on your ultrasound after 14 weeks.

And here it is friends! You are normally now a little more informed on the subject. I wish you a great day (or evening, it all depends), and we meet a little later for a new quiz. Don't hesitate to follow us on our Instagram page, where we regularly post little quizzes in stories, to the delight of your brains as well as your general culture.

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Lots of love, kisses, and good vibes from our whole team!